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Spase    01 October 2011 13:56
Very, very nice music


Anthony    01 February 2011 20:37
What a fantastic night at Wolsley Winery on Saturday 22 January. The music and dancing meant for a great night out. I look forward to the next visit.
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Thanks Anthony, we had a great time too!
Good wine , good crowd...

Administrator    07 December 2010 20:41
say something....anything
: )

Matthew    17 April 2009 07:40
Hello nice site :)

Wayne    19 August 2008 16:58
Ballarat Gigs...

August 31 at The Ballarat Fine Arts Gallery.

September 12 at Portico.

Wayne    29 July 2008 20:49

Michaela    27 July 2007 00:19
I thought you were all brilliant at the Akassia Swiss Resort, Egypt last week. Are you playing in England at all? Michaela :roll

Verity    30 April 2007 17:58
great to see the website - I'll pass it on when appropriate.
v :roll

Administrator    24 April 2007 16:25
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Wayne :)

Andrew    23 April 2007 14:17
Cool stuff
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Thanks Andrew 8)

Ballarat Gig    01 January 1970 09:00
May 30 at Portico Bar, Dana St.

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