Los Locos


Los Locos ImageMiguel Martinez - Band Leader, Guitar/Vocals
Stella Savy - Percussion/Vocals
Tim Fullerton -  Bass/Odd Percussion
Wayne Parker - Guitar/Odd Percussion
Bryn Hills - Trombone
Hector Garcia  - Percussion
Jeff Raglus - Trumpet,Vox,Perc

 Miguel Martinez of Los Locos


Miguel Martinez is the creator of Los Locos. Miguel has played guitar and piano for over 30 years growing up in a Spanish household in Geelong with music constantly being played or listened to. Miguel has lived and travelled extensively in Spain and Latin America and returns whenever possible to visit family in Navarra Northern Spain. The love of music, food, dancing and fun culminate for Miguel in Los Locos. With Los Locos Miguel has the opportunity to experiment freely with natural acoustic latin sounds full of soul and sangre!

Stella Savy - Los LocosStella Savy comes from a production management background in Theatre and festivals and has been a professional musician for over 16 years.  She play’s a number of Instruments in a number of line up’s. Stella, in partnership with Dani Fry, runs a local music school in Ballarat called Vocalise. www.vocalise.com.au . Stella has been a member of Los Locos for around 10 years.


Tim Fulllerton played guitar in various Melbourne bands (ska and rock) before travelling around Latin America where he found an affinity with the people and the music. On returning he took lessons in Spanish guitar with Manuel Jiménez. The guitar lessons went so well Tim took up bass! and played with Manuel in Latin band Pueblo for five Jeff Raglus, Wayne Parker, Bryn Hillsyears. Since moving to Ocean Grove Tim has played with the Unconscious Brothers. He joined Los Locos in 2004.


Wayne Parker - Guitar. Grooves, improvisations, melodies and chords...love it.Other stuff: Quartet in the Act, The House Bans at theMain Bar in Ballarat, Ballarat Ska Union and accompaniment gigs, The D Bar every other friday night Thursdays at Portico every month or so. Involved in a range of other musical projects, he loves to play in and combine different styles and situations; from working in Cape Town to cruising the Carribbean playing with the Glenn Jacobi Orchestra.



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